Study and Homework at Tomlinson Hall Sixth Form


One of the main ways in which study in the Sixth Form is different from study in the main school is that you will be expected to take more responsibility for your learning and develop good independent learning skills.

In Years 12 and 13 you will study fewer subjects and you will have a number of non contact periods on your timetable, many of which you will be expected to devote to private study.  We operate a 2 week timetable of 5 X 1 hour lessons per day and each subject  taken at A Level  involves 10 hours a fortnight of contact or taught time. Therefore students taking 4 A Level subjects will have 40 hours of contact time per fortnight and 10 hours of non-contact time to use in private study.

The purpose of study periods is to give you time to devote to your subjects, complete homework assignments, read, explore areas of interest, carry out further research and, most importantly, consult with staff who are available if and when you encounter problems.

Study must be planned and non-contact time used positively. The demands of AS and A2 are great and you must be committed to success as quickly as possible, especially as external exams take place at the end of both Years 12 & 13 in most subjects. Some subjects also have externally assessed coursework components to their courses and some subjects are 100% coursework.

Your tutors and teachers will help you to develop successful study habits and skills. Many subjects offer lunch-time and after school ‘drop-in’ and revision sessions for post-16 students.


The amount of time you will have to devote to private study will vary according to your chosen course and probably at different times of the year. Work will also be set for holidays, including the long summer holiday between Years 12 and 13.

• AS students should expect about 6 hours homework per subject per fortnight and in addition should be spending at least one non-contact period per fortnight to each subject area.

• At A2 students should expect to spend between 8 & 12 hours per subject per fortnight and should be devoting at least 3 non-contact periods per fortnight to each subject.